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Subsea, marine and logistics

Building a wind farm requires a huge amount of logistical coordination - from shipping and transporting wind turbine blades (which are often over 100 metres long) to coordinating numerous supplers to deliver speciaized equipment.

Offshore wind in particular requires people who can work with ports that transport wind turbine parts out into the sea where they will be constructed to start producing clean energy.

Jobs in logistics can require travel out to remote locations on land or sea - an aspect of the job that many people love. There are also numerous opportunities for those with specialized logistical skills from other sectors, such as oil & gas, to transition into wind - in particular, experience working offshore or at ports is highly valued.

Case studies

Learn from real people working in subsea, marine and logistics roles below. They'll talk about how they got there, what they love and advice for those interested in joining them...

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