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Liam Jackson

Project & Contract Senior Support


Hi I'm Liam, a 34-year-old father of two and I believe that the renewable transition is key to both the vitality of the energy sector and a responsibility to future generations.

I previously worked in Oil & Gas and from experience, know that the transition can, and must, be done...

I started my first civil engineering apprenticeship at just 16 years old so had deep experience in the fossil fuel industry. For years though I wanted to make the switch to renewables - particularly at Ørsted. I was so impressed by the positive economic impact Ørsted and the renewable sector was having on the Grimsby area and so was determined to make the switch.

I applied to Ørsted seven times whilst still working in the Oil & Gas industry before landing a role! I was convinced though that my skills were highly transferable. I found the transition between the sectors easy and within a year and a half of joining Ørsted I was promoted to a senior project manager on my team.

I have found the switch to Ørsted rewarding personally and professionally. The employee benefits (such as pension and health package) are superior to what I received in the Oil & Gas industry. I also appreciate the diversity Ørsted has brought to Grimsby - giving colleagues the opportunity to learn from new cultures and perspectives. Plus, Ørsted's work schedule allows me the flexibility to take my children to school and care from them at home when needed.

All in all, I am pleased to be pursuing my passion for the renewable energy transition whilst protecting the environment for my children and future generations.

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