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Jennifer Roberts

UK Offshore Coordinator


I have successfully changed my career and I have never looked back! I love working for Vattenfall. I was always fascinated by wind turbines and now I’m part of the team that help make green energy possible, which I’m very proud of...

Previously in 2013-2014 I decided I would build a new skill set to change my career to enable me to apply for a Maritime role. Sailing was a hobby but I wanted to apply my knowledge into a career. I was currently working as a manager for a fashion brand but I decided I needed to make some changes to get the job I really wanted. I decided to study for my Day Skipper theory and practical.

I then took the core Standards of Training, certification and Watchkeeping which was firefighting, sea survival, first aid and personal safety and social and responsibilities. Another string to my bow was achieving my Radio license and getting my ENG1 medical certificate. I took a short career break and planned a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, sailing from America to the UK, stopping at Bermuda and the Azores.

By the end of the year I was promoted to a full time position as a Marine Coordinator Supervisor. This role requires checking the weather and tracking people around the windfarm and keeping in constant communication on the VHF & UHF Radios. It is primarily a safety role, it is the job of the marine coordinator to alert the emergency response team when in need and resourcing the correct assistance for each emergency. It’s a fun and fulfilling role.

I’m so pleased to announce I have now progressed into the new role of UK Offshore Coordinator for Vattenfall. This role requires tracking vessel performance and fuel usage for the whole country. It requires communication with all different parties working within the offshore environment. As part of the Regional Support team, I’m a maritime support function for all the UK windfarms.

My advice is, set your goals and go for them! Be brave and bold and look for opportunities to get your foot in the door.

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