For anyone interested in becoming part of this sector I would say, get involved in any way that you can, be proactive, persistent and determined until you find the career that suits your skills. Think outside box!

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Hi! My name is Katherine and I am Technical Project Assistant to Moray West; 860MW offshore windfarm in the outer Moray Firth as part of Ocean Winds. I have been part of OW UK since 2020 where I participated in numerous activities across the project. My role is highly collaborative and every day I work closely with others in the project and wider teams to ensure key progress check points are met and that the project remains in scope.

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I did a degree in Industrial Engineering and initially worked in Oil & Gas before moving into offshore wind. I am currently a STEM Ambassador and a Member of Women Engineer Society. Working alongside so many renewable inspired people and determined engineers to bring clean energy to the UK definitely inspired me to pursue and grow my career in the renewable energy sector.

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Photography courtesy of Ocean Winds UK

Katherine Komander
Technical Project Assistant at Moray West Offshore Wind Farm, Ocean Winds UK