I feel that our industry is one of the most rewarding industries out there, the feeling I get that we are helping to supply clean energy for us all to use is extremely satisfying!

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Hi I'm Jack Collett and I'm a Project Manager at Collett & Sons Ltd. We are a family company who transport abnormal large, heavy, or long loads - like wind turbine blades! I lived near Ovenden Moor Wind Farm when I was growing up and the turbines always fascinated me. When I joined the company I was so pleased to learn that we were heavily involved in the wind energy industry with over 20 years of experience.

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I used to work in the Consulting department within the Collett Group. This meant I was doing route surveys & site visits, topographical surveys, technical drawings, swept path analysis, & coordinating test drives of wind turbine components on proposed delivery routes for projects that were in planning. This put me in great shape for the position I hold today.

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Jack Collett: Project Manager

Watch a video of Jack talking about his work.


Photographs: Lee Boswell Photography Ltd