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Stacey Mayo

Construction Coordinator


Hi! I'm Stacey Mayo and I'm a Construction Coordinator for Ecotricity; currently working at the Dalby Wind Park near Melton Mowbray...

I love playing a part in getting a project up and running; powering UK homes and businesses...

I had always wanted to work here because of the company ethos. One of my former clients managed the Ecotricity domestic sales team, so I took a chance and dropped him a line asking if there were any vacancies. I had an interview that week and got the job!

I started in the Domestic Sales Team in the Retail Department but am now a Construction/Wholesale Project Co-ordinator.

I’m also a Trainer within the Ecotricity Academy.

Day-to-day I coordinate small projects for the construction team, organise events (and people!) throughout the Wholesale department, process invoices and monitor budgets.

I am also PA to the Director of Wholesale as well as being part of the Quality Management Team.

I love playing a part in getting a project up and running; powering UK homes and businesses. I am constantly learning new things and I really get along with the people I work with.

No day is the same which is just how I like it!

To do a job like mine you need fierce organisation, tenacity, good time management and the ability to prioritise your workload. Eagerness to learn and take on new challenges is also very important!

Computer literacy and some experience of accounting software such as SAP are also required for a role like mine.

My job is very varied - I work with a talented and intelligent bunch of people, who are specialised in their field of work. Together we make a great team as we all work towards building an increased amount of renewable energy in the UK.

If you want a job like mine I would advise you to be keen and show you’re interested by absorbing as much information as you can. Work hard and build relationships internally and externally, you make your own success at work.

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