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Oliver Oakley

Lead Technician

EDF Renewables

In simple terms, I run the day to day operations of the wind farm, Dorenell being a the largest in EDF’s European onshore fleet.

A typical day would be to triage faults and execute planned works, carry out tool box talks and setting the team to work. The next part of my day would be planning / co-ordinating with external suppliers and contractors to maximise our opportunities whilst in the turbine for the days and weeks ahead.

The sense of achievement and pride I feel when all the turbines are running at the end of the day, or we finish campaigns of work safely and on time; then, as a team come together and enjoy a beer or 3. The scenery, you see and follow all four seasons, heather changing colour from a barren brown to purple. In the north of Scotland though you can see them all in one day; even in May. I love the challenges and unpredictability that comes with the weather and or industry and working through them.

I enjoy the team spirit when it comes to complex faults and seeing the turbine back in operation. I moved to the north of Scotland with the Royal Air Force, that for me was the first time I saw wind farms. I was instantly in awe or their size and the engineering that must be involved, I started reading about turbines the industry, over time started speaking to more and more people within the industry. Then once I decided to leave the RAF, applied for a few jobs in the area and here I am.

I have always wanted to give something back to our planet; to society; do something good for the world and environment we live in. Using my skillset allows me to do this, and I personally find it very fulfilling knowing we are producing renewable energy, to power peoples homes, business, cars etc. There are many ways to get into the industry. For technicians and aspiring technicians, there are a lot of fantastic apprenticeship schemes out there.

Technicians, unfortunately this is one industry you can’t get a feel for the job before you apply because of all the working at height training and medical etc. The best thing you can do is make contact with the wind farms you are interested in try and speak to people in the industry, or if you like travelling look at the construction teams and pre assembly side, there are some fantastic contracting companies out there too.

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