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Natalie McLellen

Training Coordinator


Hi! I'm Natalie and I'm a Training Coordinator at Seajacks Crewing Services...

I used to manage a business centre where Seajacks were based and I was interested in their work. I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn a lot about the offshore wind industry and was keen to be involved. Luckily a position became available and Seajacks gave me the training and development I needed to progress in the industry.

I am responsible for ensuring all offshore wind farm personnel have the required training to carry out their roles on board. On a day-to-day basis this means I run reports and arrange full or refresher training courses for colleagues. Seajacks works in oil and gas as well as offshore wind so this brings a lot of variety to the types of training needed for all the staff.

I really enjoy the interaction I have with the crew members – both over the phone and face to face when I'm lucky enough to visit our vessels. I also interact with different training providers across the country which is interesting. I have formed strong relationships and it’s a pleasure dealing with the people I work with.

When we have new projects it's always a challenge to ensure we meet both the project and client requirements – but challenging is always fun and exciting!

There are lots of opportunities out there for all levels of personnel. Seajacks take on office juniors and trainees through to people who have studied at university and have years of experience.

If you have the determination and drive and want to be in the industry I'd advise researching offshore wind companies and sending in a CV with covering letter even if they are not advertising as it shows initiative.

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