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Mandy King

Programme Manager - Offshore Wind Evidence and Change Progamme

The Crown Estate

My job entails running a research programme into the cumulative environmental impacts of offshore wind.

It brings together key stakeholders including government and industry to gather and share evidence, and then uses this enhanced evidence base to facilitate the growth of the offshore wind sector in a way that best protects and enhances the environment.

I work with a whole range of people and organisations to make sure that we are targeting the right projects which will inform policy around where offshore wind farms might go in the future. I love my job because it mixes three things that I love and care about. Protecting the environment and marine biodiversity; tackling climate change; and working collaboratively with people.

From an early age I was interested in infrastructure projects and how they can impact the environment and nearby communities as I used to live near a quarry. Dust would cover our village and pollute the local river so I was very aware of the impacts of development. This is what inspired my career choice and I did my first degree in Environmental Science, followed by a master’s degree in Environmental Impact Assessment.

After graduating, I worked as a research assistant before moving to local government where I focussed on sustainability, environmental policy and performance management. After working at a local level, I wanted to make an even bigger impact and so I moved to government where I worked as a civil servant before eventually moving to industry.

My advice for those looking for a career in the wind energy sector is to attend events you’re interested in, never turn down opportunities and speak with as many like-minded people as you can. You never know where those conversations may lead you!

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