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Lauren Attley

Project Manager

Tekmar Energy

I am responsible for ensuring Tekmar Energy's projects are delivered according to customer requirements, budget and most importantly on time.

I have had the opportunity to work on some very high profile offshore wind projects and enjoy maintaining strong client relationships, which is a big part of the job and why I enjoy the role...

I spent 8 years working as a project engineer in the automotive industry before joining Tekmar Energy. Transitioning into the renewable sector was quite a change, but undoubtedly was the right move for me - renewables is a reasonably young industry with so much opportunity and learning.

I started at Tekmar Energy as a Project Engineer and have been promoted twice to my current role as a Project Manager. There are lots of reasons why I enjoy my job, including the high level of responsibility and the demanding but exciting work environment. Overall, the people are the best part of the business. Everyone cares deeply about the business's success and everyone wants to do well. We all help each other and that's a great environment to be part of.

The renewables industry is constantly growing, with more and more opportunities emerging in the UK. I strongly recommend becoming part of it - you can visit the RenewableUK career page for job opportunities and apprenticeships, attend career fairs or contact companies directly. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is active and up to date - it worked for me! No job is off-limits if you work hard and demonstrate what you can bring to a particular company.

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