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Laure Hébert

System Design Engieer


Hi, my name is Laure and I am part of the System Design Engineering Team at Vattenfall. My background in geophysics lead to my career starting in seismic processing and imaging of offshore data for a service company in the Oil & Gas industry.

I then decided to transition into the Renewable Energy sector and discovered a real interest in offshore wind...

I first joined Vattenfall as an analyst in the Market Development team, where I got to work with colleagues across the engineering, regulations, commercial, valuation and financial teams. It helped me learn about all aspects of our UK projects really fast, while supporting the development of business cases and our understanding of the transmission regime, its uncertainty analysis, its CfD bidding strategy, and certain interfaces between the different internal models.

I then decided to concentrate on the technical side of the modelling and data analysis work, and joined the System Design Engineering in 2022. The system design engineering team has developed many inhouse models which help optimise the engineering of the windfarm from the turbine to the onshore substation.

It is a really fulfilling job as it requires close communication with all engineers involved in the windfarm development, and the modellers themselves. I hope to learn about the coding of the model to participate in its construction and performance improvements in the future.

Working for such a wide company across different countries offers so many opportunities to develop our skills. The London office, one of the many offices across northern Europe, is brand new and located in the heart of the city.

I have found that the work we do feels more rewarding when the values of the company align with our own. My advice is to find the right job for you, and find the right company!

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