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James Robottom

Head of Onshore Wind


I’m James Robottom and I lead RenewableUK’s programme of work on onshore wind to realise the industry’s ambition of achieving 30GW of onshore wind by 2030.

I have spent almost a decade now working in energy and climate across communications, public affairs and policy for trade associations and membership bodies...

Advocating on behalf of onshore wind in the UK has many challenges and requires oversight and understanding of a wide range of issues. One day we are looking at planning and permitting policy, the next the state of the supply chain and maybe finishing the week off addressing market reforms – whatever it takes to make progress for onshore wind!

My favourite part of my job is getting to meet and develop relationships with such a wide variety of stakeholders. Getting to understand differing points of view and discovering peoples passions is incredibly rewarding and fun and is so important for developing a strong evidence and communicating messages to the right people in an effective way.

My advice to people looking to work in renewables is to talk to anyone and everyone you can. Read things that interest you, question and learn from people who work in a variety of jobs and discover what makes them tick. It’s an incredibly friendly and welcoming industry and it’s only getting larger and more important!

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