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Isabelle Grieveson

Marine Resource Manager (Planning)

The Crown Estate

My job entails creating and using spatial data and evidence to inform decisions made about the seabed, including where offshore wind farms might be built...

There is a lot to consider in marine spatial planning - we need to understand if a potential wind farm site is feasible from an engineering perspective, who else uses the space (or might wish to use it in the future) and how it may impact the surrounding marine environment.

I love my job because I find it fascinating to think about how we can make the most of the space available to us and because I’m playing a part in the nation’s journey to net zero. Data helps inform how we can reach net zero targets, as well as how we can protect and even enhance marine biodiversity. We also help to make a social impact by ensuring data is freely available and accessible to everyone.

The Crown Estate hosts a platform called the Marine Data Exchange www. where we turn data into inspiring stories and engaging content, which we hope will bring new communities into the discussion and inspire the next generation to develop a career within the marine sector.

I did my first degree in Biochemistry and then a master’s degree in Biological Oceanography. Many people who study environmental subjects focus their job searches within academia or environmental NGOs but my advice is to keep an open mind as you can make a really positive impact working within industry.

I started off my career at The Crown Estate in 2018 as a Marine Data Research Intern - it’s a great place to work and really supports you as you develop your career.

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