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Ifer Gwyn

Head of Communications and External Affairs - Offshore Wind


As a Stakeholder Engagement Advisor I work across the breadth of the project to ensure we’re engaging with the right stakeholders, in the right way. In many ways, I provide the interface between the project and the outside world – from regulators to members of the public...

I love my job because it’s so varied, one conversation might entail technical discussions about turbine foundations and the next could be negotiating land access with a local farmer, and having to show an appreciation of how their business works. Also, I feel a great degree of responsibility; a responsibility to my community here in North Wales to consent and develop a project that helps deliver a low-carbon future and good quality employment.

My background is in land use planning and engagement. Prior to joining bp, I was Head of Stakeholder Engagement for Hitachi UK’s nuclear power station projects. That role was also based in North Wales and it provided me with good appreciation of stakeholder and community views regarding nationally significant energy infrastructure projects. Before joining the private sector I was Principal Policy Officer for Snowdonia National Park Authority.

I feel privileged to be able to live and work in beautiful Northwest Wales. Always be open to new opportunities and make companies aware of you – send in your CV and keep talking to relevant companies. Be open to retraining or expanding your skills base to new areas.

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