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Charlotte Port

Lead Mechanical Engineer


I work in the renewable energy industry, heading up a team of diverse and talented engineers who develop the mechanical design of equipment and systems which monitor environmental conditions and loadings on structures...

Pulse (an Acteon Group company) is a leader in structural monitoring to the oil and gas and renewables industries.

Each day is different. A typical day involves working closely with various engineering functions and other teams in Pulse on concepting, developing and reviewing the mechanical design of products whilst liaising with clients and suppliers to ensure the design suits requirements and is manufacturable. I love my job because of the close, inspiring team of people I work with and the variation of work we do. There are so many challenges we overcome, producing exciting and forward-thinking solutions.

Working in the renewables sector is important to me as we need to find a more sustainable future which has less of an impact on the environment. It is a big world, and everyone can look to make improvements to create a cleaner and greener planet. I try to do this in my personal life by consciously buying products that are kinder to the environment and reusing and recycling what I can.

I started my career in offshore oil and gas, having completed my degree in Product Design at Bournemouth University. In recent years, the shift to renewables is growing and it is a thriving area of our business.

I love being a female engineer in a predominantly male industry and breaking the stereotype of what an engineer is. Engineering is an exciting and challenging career, with so many paths which allow growth. There are many companies looking for more talented women to join the renewables industry. If you are interested in a career in renewables with Pulse or Acteon, reach out to us on LinkedIn.

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