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Bridie Salmon

Apprentice Offshore Wind Turbine Technician


I grew up in Grimsby's traditional fishing industry but found my passion as an apprentice offshore wind turbine technician at Ørsted...

I left school at 18 and travelled in Australia before finding myself back in Grimsby working at a local brewery and 100-year-old fish smokehouse owned by my father.

I then met Ørsted employees through work and friends and as a "planet activist" started to rethink my career plans in the hospitality industry. I was fascinated by the wind turbine technicians I met and speaking with them inspired me to pursue a career in the offshore wind sector.

I started my apprenticeship with Ørsted when I was 22 years old. I love the planet and so really take pride in the fact that I am one of many locals doing their part to develop the renewable energy sector, whilst also boosting the local economy.

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