If you are interested in this sector, a degree/ other background in either engineering/ physics is a good place to start. Like the rest of the renewables sector (as countries try to cap their carbon emission in the coming decades), yield analysis is an expanding field, so more people will need to be trained to meet the upcoming demand. Companies like RINA who take on inexperienced graduates play an important role in expanding and training the workforce, look out for positions on job sites.

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My job predominantly consists of making energy yield analyses for offshore and onshore wind farms, both pre-construction and operational. It also extends to varied roles such as monitoring of operational wind farms, optimising turbine layouts and engaging in R&D for new tools and improved processes.

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Yield assessment is a really interesting field - there is often no ‘correct’ answer, which leaves lots of room for creative problem solving to find the most representative result. It feels like every project has a new challenge to learn from, and my transferable and technical skills have all improved rapidly since working at RINA.

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Photography courtesy of RINA

Suzie Wilcox
Graduate Yield Consultant, RINA